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I am a student at Kutztown University majoring in Communication Design with a dual minor in Professional Writing and Art History. My work is influenced by artists such as Henri Matisse, Andy Warhol, and Swiss designers. I believe that form follows function in design. I look to the past for inspiration, collect design and modern art books, and love hunting for mid-century furniture.

Emily Schlotter


Echo Mid-Century Interior Design

Standards Manual and Identity
Adobe Design Achievement Awards Semifinalist 2018

Echo is an interior design company that decorates with vintage modern pieces and their original work. The company is comprised of three craftsmen specializing in furniture making, lighting, and architectural pottery.

Echo revives furniture with natural products and techniques, bringing interior design back to its roots, in its most pure form. The mid-century modern design aesthetic isn’t a trend, it’s a classic lifestyle. Echo aims to preserve the traditional elegance of mid-century silhouettes, while pushing the era forward with eco-friendly design.

Textile samples with Echo logo

At an antique shop, I found the book What Wood is That? by Herbert L. Edlin, containing wood samples shown above. This was used as a prop that adds authenticity to the brand through rich texture and natural wear.